Why Are Las Vegas Bail Bonds Open 24 Hours A Day?

In the city of Las Vegas, you will find many locations open twenty-four hours a day. This includes late-night diners, casinos, and some grocery stores. Another business that never closes? Bail bond companies. One neon light you will always see shining in the city of Las Vegas is a bail bond company’s “Open” sign.

There are several reasons a bail bond company stays open 24 hours a day. Learn about those reasons and ways a company can help you or a loved one who has been arrested in the city of Las Vegas.

Late Nights in Las Vegas

A lot of the action in Las Vegas doesn’t take place until the sun goes down. This is the time when clubs open and clubbers consume alcohol. Unfortunately, nighttime festivities can also lead to a lot of arrests. If you or someone you know is arrested outside of business hours, you do not want to worry and wait for a business to open up the next day.

Bail bond companies provide contact information at all hours. When someone is arrested, your best option is to call the company directly. You will often reach a person right away and have the opportunity to get the bail bond process started. If easier, you can also stop in the business in person.

If you were with someone when they were arrested, then the bail bond business is typically easy to find in Las Vegas. Many companies locate their businesses right next to local jails for easy access. Las Vegas city traffic can get heavy, but with a business located within walking distance, you can help reduce delays and get the bail processed quickly.

Court Hours

During the daytime, bail bond workers will spend a lot of time at the courts to file paperwork, attend hearings, and ensure a client’s bail is being treated fairly and in a timely manner. In order to ensure smooth sailing through the court process, bail bond companies stay open through all hours of the night.

If a court date is coming up, then the office works to ensure everything is in proper order. Once a case is over, the company will ensure that the bail bond is released and you do not owe anything to the courts.

Even when bail bond workers are busy at courts during the day, extra workers stand by to take on new calls and cases. Stopping to shut down the business would result in delays. New arrests occur all the time and a bail bond company wants to keep business moving smoothly.

Bail Release

One of the main goals for a bail bond company is to provide service quickly. Getting arrested can cause a huge damper in someone’s daily life. If a bail bond company closes or takes its time with bond processing, a person may deal with a lot of negative effects.

A bond release from jail allows a person to go back to work or take care of their kids. The quicker your bond is created the faster you will be released from jail. Once your bond is posted that will begin the process of your release and from there the jails will schedule your release. For example, if a person is released on bond, it is possible you may not have worry about calling out of work or losing their job.

If an out-of-state resident is arrested, then bail is likely needed to ensure the person doesn’t have to cancel or drastically change flight plans. A Las Vegas bail bond company understands the number of tourists in the city and the increase of crime because of the larger populations.

The extra open hours will ensure the release happens quickly. Another benefit is that there are no exceptions to the extended hours. For example, if a person is arrested on a weekend or holiday, you will find the bail bond company still remains open. The hours include major holidays like Christmas and the Fourth of July.

Instant Communication

With the whole tourist factor a big consideration, you may find yourself far from Las Vegas when an arrest occurs. The major differences in time zones means that you may try to call a bail bond company too late or too early in the morning. Instead of reaching voice mail, you can complete services at any time.

The workers are available to serve your needs. Along with phone service, you can provide other needs at any time. You can file the paperwork electronically over to the bail bond business instantly. You could send payments over the phone or through an electronic service. There is no need to calculate time zones and figure out the best time to communicate.

For more information on our 24-hour operation, contact us at All Star Bail Bonds. We will help answer any questions you have and provide all of our services both in-person and through the phone. The ultimate goal is to ensure your family member or friend gets released from bail as quickly as possible.

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