Bail Bonds in Enterprise, NV


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If you’ve been arrested, you need help. All Star Bail Bonds provides bail bonds service in Enterprise, NV, to get you out of jail so that you can find a lawyer or see your family. We offer all types of bail bonds like those for DUIs and other traffic violations. We help you stress less so that you can focus on what you need to.


You may not be completely familiar with bail bonds. When you are arrested, the court will set an amount of money you agree to pay if you miss any summons or otherwise violate the terms. This is your bail. Sometimes the cost is so high that you can’t afford it. That’s where a bail bond agent comes in. Our agent will pay the bail for you for only a small percentage of the overall cost.


How to Get a Bail Bond

Our team helps you no matter where you are with our phone bailouts. Just call All Star Bail Bonds or have a friend call us if you’re in trouble and we’ll get you bailed out. We do these over the phone and with a credit card, and we don’t charge a transaction fee. This is often the easiest way to pay bail and get out of jail faster and with less hassle.


If you need a bail bond in Enterprise, NV, call our office in Las Vegas at 702-382-9000 or our office in Henderson at 702-565-0022.

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