Bail Bonds in Boulder City, NV


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If you’re arrested in or around Boulder City, NV, don’t panic. Call All Star Bail Bonds for bail bonds services so that you can get out of jail and be with your family, go to work, and meet with a lawyer. Our team is always respectful toward you, and we speak English and Spanish.


You can post bail for most crimes, though the cost will vary depending on what the crime was. More standard and commonplace crimes, like DUIs, often have a preset amount for bail. This means that you won’t even have to appear before a judge.


What Is a Bail Bond?

Bail bonds are what get you out of jail. You agree to pay a certain amount in exchange for your release from jail. They come with stipulations, though, and a universal one is that you must go to court whenever you are asked to. If you do not do this, then a warrant will be put out for your arrest and you forfeit all the bail money. Fortunately, staying to the terms of bail is often simple.


When you need bail bondsmen in or around Boulder City, NV, reach out to All Star Bail Bonds. Call our Henderson, NV, office at 702-565-0022 or our Laughlin, NV, office at 702-298-0025 to get bail bonds.

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