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What is a Bail Bond?

A bail bond essentially acts as an insurance policy whereby the bail bond company guarantees to the court that the person obtaining the bail bond will make all of their required appearances. If the individual appears in court as ordered, then the bail bond is never in jeopardy. However, if the individual fails to appear, the bail bond company is notified of this by the court. At that time, the bail bond company must surrender that individual back into custody. If the bail bond company fails to surrender that person back into custody, then they are forced to pay the entire amount of the bail bond to the court.

What does it cost to obtain a bail bond?

The cost of a bail bond is 15%; which again, is required by Nevada law. There are occasions, however, where we issue our customers a percentage of credit in an effort to work with them through their economic hardships.

What should be done if an individual misses a court appearance?

If an individual misses court for any reason, you must contact us immediately. We have valuable information which, most of the time, will allow you to get your bail bond reinstated. It is our objective to keep you out of jail and on bail throughout your entire court proceedings.

How will I know when the terms of my bail bond are completed?

Upon completion of your case, the judge will “exonerate” your bail bond in open court. At this point, the bail bond is no longer active.

Do you get bond money back if you use bail bonds?

A Bail bonds company is the preferred method for people who can not afford to pay their bail amount in full, when you use a bail bonds company  there is a required 15% bail bond surcharge paid to that bail bonds company.

This surcharge is non-refundable, which means, even if the defendant abides by all of the conditions of their release, the 15% surcharge will not be refunded.

Bail bond contract being reviewed and signed

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