Illegal Activity in Las Vegas, NV, Casinos

Because there are so many city, state, and federal laws, very few people can keep track of all they’re accountable for. Most people re member to stay away from major crimes, like theft, assault, or murder. However, a few minor crimes tend to slip through the cracks, including some actions that you would never think would be illegal.

Since you may not know about these less obvious crimes, we’ve listed and explained some of them below.

1. Leaving Your Child Alone

You may reminisce about the parts of your childhood when you spent hours alone at home or on the streets. Your parents trusted you to behave, so they left you alone for hours or even days at a time.

Unfortunately, you can’t do this with your own children. Nowadays, even responsible children have to have supervision at all times-at least until they turn 12 or 14, according to the National SAFEKIDS Campaign.

Because of this law, you’ve probably seen stories about parents getting arrested for letting their children play alone at the park. The police even arrested one father whose 8-year-old child walked a mile to and from school by himself.

State laws prohibit leaving young children alone because of safety concerns. Young children cannot take care of themselves, and they may get into dangerous situations if left unsupervised. They could get injured after doing something irresponsible, or they could wand er off or go missing.

State authorities don’t want these things to happen to your children, so they require you to supervise them at all times.

2. Not Limiting Your Child’s Weight Gain

You don’t just have the responsibility to supervise your children-you also have to make sure they stay healthy, and that includes monitoring their weight.

The authorities won’t arrest you if your child is only slightly overweight. However, if you have an 8-year-old who weighs 200 lbs., the state may decide that your inability to control your child counts as neglect.

In this situation, you won’t just face arrest-your child may also go into the foster system. The state responds to this harshly because of all the medical problems that childhood obesity causes. It can lead to many chronic conditions, including diabetes, and the law makes it your responsibility to ensure that doesn’t happen.

3. Carrying Fake Guns in Public Places

If you carry a fake gun into a movie theater, school, or shopping mall, you could face serious consequences. Even if you’ve gone in costume, people may call the police, and the police will respond as if you have a real gun.

Because so many public shootings have happened in recent years, lawmakers have tightened gun laws to keep the populace safe. So if you accidentally cause panic by carrying a costume, airsoft, or BB gun into a public place, you’ll likely face arrest and heavy fines.

4. Pirating a Movie

At the beginning of every movie, you may see a warning that says something like, “The unsanctioned reproduction of this copyright ed film is illegal.” This means that you may not record the movie on your phone or video camera. However, the warning often flashes across the screen so quickly that many people miss it.

However, ignorance can’t defend you if you accidentally commit this crime. Movie production companies take copyright infringement seriously. You will face arrest and hefty fines if you record anything that another company or entity produced. So even if you see the mo vie at a friend’s house, don’t film it. Simply wait to buy your own copy.

5. Downloading Movies or Music Without Purchasing

Copyright law also prohibits you from downloading pirated, free versions of movies or songs. These downloads might seem innocent enough at first-after all, you see pictures of singers’ and actors’ wealth every day. However, these downloads still count as theft, and the authorities will charge you accordingly.

6. Using Software You Didn’t Pay For

The same principle applies to downloading or even using software that you didn’t pay for. Even if you bought a computer that already had software on it, you may have to buy new software because you don’t have the licenses for the old set. Just make sure you have legal permission to use any software you own.

7. Riding a Camel on the Highway

We live in a dry state, so you may feel tempted to rent a camel and reenact your favorite desert movie scene. However, make sure you keep your reenactment away from any highways. The state of Nevada prohibits you from riding a camel on the highway. After all, mo st of our highways have high speed limits, and an unruly camel could cause a serious accident.

If you face jail time for any of the unusual crimes listed above, call your local bail bond representatives. They understand that you would n’t have broken the law if you had known, and they can bail you out of jail so you can start building a solid defense.

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