Smart Strategies for Bailing an Adult Child Out of Jail

Parents are sure to be upset any time their children have major problems. That’s likely true long after little girls and boys become adult men and women. If you find out that your adult child has been arrested, you may be devastated whether you think they’re guilty or innocent. Follow these smart strategies when bailing your adult child out of jail.

Set Clear Boundaries and Rules

Whether your adult child is 18 or 38, they probably didn’t end up in jail the first time they messed up. Usually, offenders receive citations or tickets and then get arrested if they continue to break the law. If you have bailed your child out of jail before or even simply corrected other messes in their life, they may come to expect this behavior from you.

Your generous help may even enable an adult child to take greater legal risks if they know that you are going to help them clean up whatever mess they make. Counter this destructive thinking by setting clear boundaries. Reiterate your love, but express whatever boundaries make you feel comfortable when posting bail.

Some common boundaries include:

  • No verbal abuse or rudeness is allowed while the adult child is out on bail.
  • No drinking or drug use of any kind will be tolerated.
  • No communicating with problematic friends who contributed to their criminal behavior and arrest.
  • No stealing or otherwise disrespecting your property.

Before you set a boundary and communicate it to your adult child, be sure of two things. You need to truly mean it, and you need to be prepared to follow through with enforcing it. Your boundaries should be respected and not crossed.

Be Clear About Expectations

Before your bail your adult child out of jail, you may discuss what your other expectations are. If they are going to be living with you while out on bail before the trial, they should know what you will expect of them. If you are worried that they will use their free time to try to do drugs or fall off the wagon, you may set a schedule for them to follow.

A schedule can be something as simple as getting up at a set time every day and contributing to society in some way. That may be helping you around the house, volunteering for a local animal shelter, or looking for a job. Although it can be difficult to get a job at such a trying time, simply making the effort can be a productive move on their part.

Help Them Plan for Success Beyond the Court Case

An adult child who has been arrested and is now facing a trial is someone in trouble. No matter what brought them to that point, they are probably going to need some help to regain full control of their life. It’s okay to offer positive encouragement and let the arrested individual know that you still believe in them. Remind them of their potential to live a full, happy, and successful life.

You may be emphatic about the fact that this is the one and only time you will post bail for them. Beyond that, to truly help them, discuss a plan for success. Talk about options for education and bettering their life after their case is complete or even while they are out on bail waiting for the case to go to court. Let them know what you are able to do for them as they move forward.

An adult child who has been through the humbling reality of legal struggles may be willing to make real changes in their life. Discuss how they can realistically implement the changes that they want to make. By showing your adult child how a different sort of future is attainable, you may empower them to turn their lives around.

Reach Out to a Bail Bond Company for Help

The bail bond is a way that you can pay only 15 percent of the bail that’s owed to get your adult child out of jail. Most parents would not have the spare funds to post bail on their own without using a bail bondsman. After deciding to post bail and establishing that your adult child will comply with your wishes when they are out on bail, contact a bail bond company for help.

Getting the process started is a straightforward and easy endeavor. Pay the bail bond company 15 percent of whatever the set amount of bail is. Nevada state law requires that a bail bond company charge 15 percent or at least $50 for a bail bond. This premium is a non-returnable fee you pay for the bail agent’s services. When the case is completed, the bail bond will end.

Finally, you are not alone in the quest to get your adult child bailed out of jail. If you need to post bail for them in the Las Vegas area, contact All Star Bail Bonds. We will work to get your adult child released from custody as rapidly as we possibly can. Then you and your adult child can move forward with the complex process of healing and dealing with the upcoming trial.

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