How to Get Bail Bonds With Only Your Phone

Getting a loved one released from jail doesn’t have to be a complicated process. You may visualize going to the jail, courthouse, or bail bond business, but a lot of these travels are actually not necessary. Modern technology has streamlined the bail bond process so much that you can complete everything you need to with just your phone.

Use this guide to learn how to use your phone, take advantage of apps, and help a loved one get released from jail quickly.

Use Inmate Look-Up Apps

When a loved one has been booked, you may have trouble figuring out exactly what jail they are in, how long they have been there, or if they’ve been transferred to another facility. With inmate search apps, you can find out vital information about your loved one.

You can search your loved one’s name to see mug shots, arrest information, and any police reports associated with the name. You can find general apps that apply to the whole country or apps specifically geared towards geographic areas like the city of Las Vegas.

If the apps do not work, you can visit official mobile web pages for the county jails and use the manual look-up option from a mobile web browser. You can use the extra information to proceed with the bail bond process and give a bail bond company the information they need.

Make Bail Bond Contact

Making initial contact with a bail bond company is the first step in the process of getting your loved one released. Thankfully, many bail bond companies are open 24 hours a day, so making contact is as easy as picking up your phone and dialing. You do not need to meet in person and a phone call will get all your questions answered.

As you talk on the phone, have a pen and paper handy to write down details and things you need to know about the bail bond process. If any other questions do come up, you can easily call back and have them answered right away. You may get direct email communications from workers as well so you can send information back and forth.

Fill Out Bail Bond Forms

One of the longest parts of the bail bond process is filling out the bail bond forms. Many bail bond companies offer direct download links to the forms, or you can have the forms sent to your email and download them directly on your phone. Once the forms are on your phone, you have multiple options.

You can fill out the forms digitally using a word processor or PDF editing app, or you can connect to a printer and print out the forms. Many modern printers feature Wi-Fi connections so you can print out files and make a direct connection without the use of the computer. Some printers offer a direct connection where you plug in phone cords to the printer and can print files.

If you choose to fill out the forms by hand, you can take a picture of the completed forms and email them back to the bail bond company. When taking the pictures of the forms, make sure the forms are completely in focus so the bail bond workers have no issues reading the text.

Pay With Apps

The final way to use your phone for the bail bond process is to make payments for the bail. Bail bond companies will often supply payment forms where you fill out credit or debit card information. You can simply fill out the form and email it or find other payment methods.

For example, if you need to acquire some money, you can use banking apps to apply for credit cards. As you seek new credit options, you can also use your phone to access free credit reports to see your best chances for specific credit card options. Once you know what you qualify for, you can select the best option and get approved quickly.

You may have money split across multiple accounts. Through banking apps, you can transfer money to a single account so you can afford a payment. If other members of your family are helping you pay, then you can collect money through various money exchange apps.

With some planning, you can easily make your payments. Some bail bond companies will accept payments through an online portal while others may take payments over the phone if you do not want to send your personal finance information digitally.

Feel free to contact us at All Star Bail Bonds to get the process started. You can get a loved one released from jail by just using your phone to complete the process. We also have multiple offices in the Las Vegas area if you run into any problems and want to complete the process in person.

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