How do Bail Bonds in Las Vegas, NV, Work?

If you’ve never had a criminal offense in the past, it may be fairly difficult to understand how the legal system works. After an arrest has taken place, an offender will be taken to the local jail and held there until bail is posted. Different crimes will require a different amount of payment, but normally the judge will make a decision based on the seriousness of the crime committed, any previous convictions, if there is any “flight risk,” and if the arrested person works a regular job or not.

How a Bail Bonds Company in Las Vegas NV Can Help

Bail bond companies help provide a useful service for those that have been charged with a crime. It’s not rare for an arrested person to struggle to come up with the money required to post bail, so they often turn to Las Vegas bail bond companies for much needed assistance. When you go through a bail bonds company in Las Vegas, you relieve yourself of the heavy financial burden by letting the bail bond agent pay the debt for you. In exchange, you will pay a specified percentage of the entire bill, which in the state of Nevada is 15%. Every Las Vegas bail bonds company is required by law to charge 15% of the total bail amount. Any company who does not adhere to these regulations is violating state law.

What Responsibilities Does the Arrested Party Have?

The defendant can be released from jail within a short period of time after the transaction is completed by the Las Vegas bail bonds agent. Once released, the defendant is required to attend all court dates set by the judge and follow any additional instructions given by the bail bond agent. If these conditions are not met, the bail agent will take on the full bail amount and put the defendant in jail. After your court trail has ended you are no longer held to the bail bond, even if you are found guilty.

Where Can I Find More Info on Bail Bonds Services in Las Vegas NV?
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By Shawn Mayfield