Getting Arrested? Tips to Stay Calm

Getting arrested is one of the most stressful events that can ever happen to a person. Whether you have done something wrong or not, being arrested can cause your blood pressure to elevate, your heart to pound, and your hands to shake.

When something like this happens, the fear and uncertainty that many people feel when they are under arrest can make staying calm very difficult. These tips can make staying calm easier, which in turn can make the experience less detrimental and traumatic.

Don’t Make Any Sudden Movements

Acting impulsively can be dangerous during an arrest. Making sudden movements can also get your heart pumping harder, which in turn can affect your body’s response to stress. Suppress the desire to make sudden movements during your arrest. Not only will this help you stay calm and think rationally, but will also help the arresting officer feel the same way.

Take Deep Breaths

Taking deep breaths can slow your heart rate, which in turn can help you feel calmer. Taking deep breaths can also make slower movements feel more natural.

Taking deep breaths is hard when you are in the middle of a crisis like being arrested. To make this easier, give yourself short instructions. Quietly say to yourself to breathe in. Then breathe in deeply. Feel your chest and stomach expand as you breathe. Listen to the sound of the breath coming in through your nostrils.

Next, say to yourself to breathe out, and breathe out slowly. Push the air through your lips so that you can hear it passing through your mouth. Feel your belly and chest deflate as you do this. Continue to breathe slowly in and out as the arrest continues.

Be Cooperative and Respectful

The police may give you instructions as you are being arrested. Listen to what they tell you so you can respond appropriately. If you feel the need to address the arresting officers, address them as ma’am or sir, depending on their gender. Never try to resist arrest, as this will only make the situation more difficult for you. Resisting arrest may also make your bail amount higher when a judge sets the bail.

If you feel the need to say anything more than a simple yes or no, choose your words carefully. Remember, you have the right to remain silent during an arrest. Saying as little as possible will help you through the process.

Start Assessing Your Situation and Making Plans

Uncertainty makes stress worse. Keeping things organized in your head helps. While you stand beside or sit inside the police car, start thinking about what comes next.

Obviously, you will need to contact loved ones, talk to a lawyer, and hopefully post bail. Your loved ones will be able to help you post bail, but you will have to get a hold of them. This opportunity will come after the police take you to the jail.

Once in the jail, they will connect you with a public defender. Think about whether or not you can afford a private lawyer and what you will say to the lawyer when the time comes.

Start looking back on the situation that lead you to this point. Do your best to remember what happened, as you will soon need to tell your side of the story to your lawyer. Focus on remembering details that will soon start to fade, like the time that certain events took place and the order in which those things occurred.

Keep the Situation in Perspective

Although this may feel like a bad situation, it can always get worse. Keeping your situation in perspective can help you through the most difficult time.

One of the ways that you can keep your situation in perspective is to note with detachment everything that happens around you. Think about how this will all be a distant memory in just a few years’ time. Assess whether or not you can do anything about your arrest and, if you decide that you are powerless in the situation, give yourself permission to sit back and allow the arrest to happen.

Get Help

As soon as you can, contact a loved one to post your bail. The sooner you can get out of jail and wait for the next steps, the better. You will feel better when you are back at home and in a familiar environment. If your loved one doesn’t have the money to post bail, have him or her contact a reputable bail bonds company that can help.

If you have more questions about posting bail and getting a bail bond, contact All Star Bail Bonds. We are always happy to help clients understand the bail bonds process, so they can help get their friends or loved ones out of jail. We’re here to help.

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