First Steps to Take After You Are Released on Bail

After an arrest, the main goal a person thinks about is getting released and having freedom again. While the idea of freedom brings excitement, there are multiple steps to take when you are first released after paying bail.

Aspects of your life may change after an arrest, and some organization may go a long way to ensure you follow the proper steps to get your life on track. Posting bail may feel like complete freedom, but there are many objectives and goals to reach before you have achieved true freedom.

Once bail has been posted, follow our guide to understand the first steps to take once you get released. A number of the steps could be done within the first 24 hours of your release and will help set you on the right path so no problems occur until a case gets dismissed or goes through all the courts.

Check In With Your Employer

If you were employed at the time of your arrest, you should check in with your employer as soon as possible. Be open and honest about the charges, any pending charges, and where the case takes you in the future. The last thing you want is to get arrested and lose your job within the same day.

The open communication with your boss will help ensure you can return to work and can free up any possible scheduling conflicts with future court dates or meetings. By maintaining the job, you will also show the courts your contribution to society and the effort you have put in to return to a normal life.

An arrest does not mean a conviction, so until the case is settled, your charges might not be held against you at your job. Do not just brush things off and assume you have lost your job. Communication is key, and a steady flow of income will help keep your spirits up and help you get back to your daily routines.

Talk to Your Co-Signer

When you post bail through a bail bond company, you will have rely on a co-signer to pay the fee required for your bail. The person not only puts in the funds to go towards your bail, but they also endure the trouble of a credit check and may also have to put up a home or vehicle as collateral.

Once released, you should communicate with the person who co-signed your bail to get on the same page. The person may seek payback or some type of assurance to know you will follow through with everything you need to do following the arrest.

If a payback plan is set up, then you should lay everything out clearly and have set goals. Giving money here and there could result in more problems and anxiety directly associated with the financial situation. By setting up scheduled payments, you have the ability to pay the amount off in a set time without any added pressure.

The co-signer’s main goal was to support you through the stressful time, so respect and communication goes a long way to keep the relationship healthy after so much money was involved.

Schedule Your Court Dates

One of the more crucial aspects of your release on bail is understanding the court dates you have coming up. Pay close attention to your release and understand exactly when your next court dates are.

If you have “failure to appear” charges added to your arrest, bail could be revoked and you could spend time in jail until your trial completes. Once you know the court dates, figure out multiple ways to remind yourself of them. For example, set reminders in your cell phone for days leading up to the event.

You could also place hand-written reminders in your home, including a on calendar or on the front of a refrigerator. All of the reminders will help burn the date into your memory so you do not forget when you are supposed to show up for court.

In many cases, there will be multiple court dates, so simply repeat the same process as each date arrives.

Communicate With the Bond Company

The bail bond company who helped post your bail is not there to just collect money. The company is often a great resource to help answer any questions you have about a case. For example, you may have questions about the bail and the collateral placed on the bail agreement.

A bail bond company is open twenty-four hours a day, giving you access to them whenever you need to talk. Their years of experience will provide you with answers to questions you have. In some cases, a bail bond company may provide transportation from the jail or to a court hearing because they want to make sure you attend.

Every company is different, and opening the lines of communication will help ensure you have all the answers you need.

For more information on the bail bond process and to help answer your questions, contact All Star Bail Bonds. We have multiple locations in the Las Vegas area to help serve your needs and ensure the process goes smoothly.

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