Bail Bond Payment Options Ideal for Las Vegas Tourists

A Las Vegas vacation is a great way to spend time with family and friends. But, sometimes, the vacation experience could take a wrong turn and lead to someone’s arrest. With the arrest, you may find you are limited on resources as you seek out bail bond options.

Even though you are traveling, you will have plenty of payment options to help get your friend or family member released from jail quickly. Follow our guide to learn more about the payment process and various ways payments are accepted from bail bond companies.

Traveler’s Checks

Although not as common as they used to be, people still travel and use traveler’s checks across the globe. If you have traveler’s checks as backup money options, the same checks offer ways to pay off a bail bond. Many bail bond companies will accept the traveler’s checks.

The checks come with multiple advantages from using a personal check. For example, you do not need to use your personal account information and can pay for the bail bond without the need to write out your own check. Each check features a payee and date section, so you can fill in the basic bail bond info — and this provides an extra way to track the payment.

If you have traveler’s checks from another country, the exchange rate could help you save money as the currency is converted to American dollars. Traveler’s checks have no expiration date on them, giving you a chance to use older traveler checks you may have saved from previous vacations. The use of the checks will help prevent money coming straight from your own pocket.

Credit Card Promotions

In the city of Las Vegas, you can easily find credit card promotions all over the city. By browsing around, you can not only find a credit card to help pay the bail but also something to help earn money back for your bail bond payments. As you seek out promotions, look for cash-back options.

For example, if your bail bond is $1,000 and you have a credit card with a 3 percent cash back option, then you will receive $30 back towards your initial payment. When you apply for credit cards, look for instant access to the card as well. Many in-person options will offer a temporary card so you can pay off the bail bond without any major delays.

Additionally, as you browse for credit card offers, look for other sign-up promotions. For example, a six-month zero interest rate promotion will help prevent any extra costs or fees added to the card. Also consider other card perks like free flights or hotel stays based upon instant points earned for opening the credit card.

As you help handle the jail and legal situation, a few extra nights in a hotel room could become a necessity and promotions will help you save money on the extra costs while providing an easy way to pay for a bail bond.

Pawnshop Cash

Cash is easily accepted as a bail bond payment and will even help reduce the processing time needed to release a loved one from jail. While on vacation, you may be limited on the amount of cash needed to process the bail bond, but Las Vegas is filled with pawnshops to help with the process.

To help earn some extra cash, consider pawning jewelry or small electronics. Some pawnshops will hold the items as collateral, so you could purchase them back within a set amount of time as well. The best part about the cash is that you will instantly receive a quote and the money if you choose to accept the offer.

Much like the bail bond companies in Las Vegas, a good amount of the pawnshops in the city are open 24 hours a day. The instant access provides you with a chance to start the bail bond process quickly and help your loved one get released from jail sooner.

Wired Money

You may be limited on your own budget and resources to help with the bail bond. Thankfully, bail bond companies in Las Vegas will accept money wires from multiple services. By getting into contact with another family member, you can have money wired directly to the bail bond company.

Wired money services are offered at numerous locations, including multiple grocery stores and stand-alone businesses. A bail bond company may even have a directory of the locations so you can easily find a location near the person who sends the money.

Wired money transfers could take less than a day in most cases and will provide the bail bond company with instant funds. As you wait for the wired money, you can complete the paperwork needed to process the bail bond. Once the money comes, the rest of the process will go quickly and the person will get released from jail.

For more information on bail bonds and your payment options, contact us at All Star Bail Bonds. We will work with you to help set up your payment and execute the bail bond quickly.

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