A Vegas Vacation Guide to Bail Bonds

Going on vacation is a memorable time for many, but sometimes vacations get a little out of control and a loved one gets arrested while vacationing in Las Vegas.

If you know a friend or loved one who has been arrested while vacationing in Las Vegas, follow our guide to learn about the bail bond process and ways to get your loved one out of jail quickly.

24/7 Access

When a person has been arrested on vacation, there are many reasons to post bail as quickly as possible. Despite the major setback, the person could still have vacation time left to relax and enjoy the city. You also want to bail the person out so they can catch their flight back home. A missed flight could result in major money losses and the need to purchase a new ticket.

A bail bond company will offer 24 hour service to help proceed with the bail bond. As soon as you find out about the arrest, you can inquire about the bail bond and get the process started. The 24 hour access is especially helpful when vacations are planned around weekends and holidays. You will not need to wait for business days to complete the process.

Out of State Assistance

If you did not travel with a loved one to Las Vegas, you still have multiple options to help post the bail. Bail bond companies offer phone methods to process the bond and complete paper work. You also have the option to print out paper work, fill out everything on your own, and send the items back through fax or email.

By staying back home, you will save additional money on flight or travel. All of your resources can go directly to paying the bond. When you complete the process over the phone, the bail bond will begin quicker, so you do not have to wait to arrive at the bail bond business.

Bail Bond Amounts

Every state has different guidelines when it comes to bail bonds fees. In the city of Las Vegas, the bail bond premium is higher than many other states and is set at 15% of the bail. So if your loved one has a bail set for $10,000, then the bail bond service fee would cost $1,500. The set fee leaves the guesswork out of the process and you will know exactly what to pay.

The fee is non-negotiable and typically covers the need for any other fees, such as credit card fees. So the set fee you pay will be the full amount charged.

Payment Options

Once you figure out how much you have to pay, you need to learn about your payment options. If you pay over the phone, consider credit cards or electronic bank transfers. If you pay in person, you can avoid delays and pay with cash. The bail bond company will provide a receipt and give you your proof of payment at the point you pay.

Bail bond companies understand the struggle to pay full bail bond amounts and will work with clients to work out a payment method. Some bail bond companies accept collateral, while others will work with you on monthly payment plans. The more you have available up front, the easier time you will have paying back the bail bond.

Jail Locations

The greater Las Vegas area has several different jails your loved one could be brought to when arrested. The bail bond companies seek out locations next to jails to provide easy access and quick options. When you call a bail bond company, the workers can perform an inmate search to help you find your loved one.

Once you know the exact jail, you will find the ideal bail business located next to the jail. For example, there is a courthouse in North Las Vegas and a jail located right in downtown Las Vegas near the popular Fremont Street area. With the close proximity, the bail bond workers can deliver paperwork and help get your loved one released on time.

Court Dates

When a loved one is arrested on vacation, the person must pay attention to any key court dates and details. If the person misses court dates, the bail could be provoked and you could be held liable for the full bail amount.

Some courts will allow lawyers to represent the person for certain court dates. Other courts may decide the person needs to appear in person, especially in the case of a trial. A bail bond company will have the release information and clearly explain the details to you. Keep track of the court dates and any travel needs in case they arise.

For more information on Las Vegas bail bonds, contact us at All Star Bail Bonds. We have multiple locations within the Las Vegas area and will provide you with all your resources needed to free your loved one from jail.

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