A Guide to Posting Bail During the Holidays

The fall and early winter season is full of major holidays including Columbus Day, Halloween, Veteran’s Day, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, and Christmas. The times are busy and hectic, but an arrest may change everything you had planned.

When you are arrested around the holidays, one of your main goals will likely be getting out of jail as soon as possible to enjoy the various celebrations. Learn about different bail options, how the holiday season impacts bail bond procedures, and ways to still make the most out of your holidays.

Holiday Hours and Procedures

With many major holidays filling up the fall season, timing could be a problem when you seek out a bail bond. You may have trouble getting into contact with a lawyer or family member to help with the bail bond.

Thankfully, the 24-hour operations of a bail bond company does not have any limitations for the holidays. A reception window in the magistrate’s office or jail should also have available holiday hours so that they can help process the bail.

With the open time frame, you do not have to worry about missing key holidays like Christmas or Thanksgiving or having your bail delayed because of holiday hours.

A bail bonds company often has the means to travel directly to the jail you are located at to arrange the bail bond and meet you in person if needed. With quick service, none of your holiday plans or traditions will be disrupted.

Payment Plans

As the holidays approach, many people look to save money to pay for various items like Halloween costumes, extravagant Thanksgiving meals, or Christmas presents. When you get arrested and have to post bail, the bail bond service fee amount in the Las Vegas area is 15 percent.

If your bail is set at $25,000, then the fee you would owe a bail bond company would be $3,750 at the 15 percent rate. For many people, the thousands of dollars could make a huge impact on the holiday budget and ability to afford certain presents, meals, or other traditions like a Christmas tree.

Thankfully, bail bond companies offer payment plan options to ease the burden of the large sum you have to pay. With a payment plan agreement, you have the ability to set up monthly payments and spread out the fee over time.

With the monthly payments, you have the ability to focus your funds on various holiday events. After the holidays are over, you also have the option to repay the whole amount once you have a little extra money saved up.

Signature Bond Releases

If you are arrested for the first time and have a clean criminal record, then you may have the option for a signature bond release. A signature bond allows you to get released without the need to pay cash upfront.

Even with a signature bond, you may need an agreement with a bail bond company to act on your behalf. A bail bond company can act as extra insurance in the event you do not show up for a court case. The signature bond puts good faith in the arrested party and wants to ensure they will show up on time. There may be specific instructions or guidelines to follow with the bond.

A bail bond company wants you to attend every court session and follow through with the case, so they will help you understand the rules of the signature bond and how they apply to your case. The bail bond employees are not just there to collect fees. They will help you through the tough time and provide answers to any questions you may have.

The grant of a signature bond will ensure you can celebrate the holidays without the financial burden of a traditional bond. Your goal would be to act responsibly and ensure you follow your case schedule to avoid any problems.

Holiday Travels

The holiday season is also a major time for traveling, especially around big days like Thanksgiving and Christmas. Plane tickets often have to be purchased months in advance, so understanding your ability to travel is important.

When you post bail with the help of a bail bond company, you may not be completely free to do as you please. In some cases, you may have a curfew or travel restrictions imposed on you. If you choose to break these restrictions, you could risk the court revoking bail, and you could run into some major problems.

Prevent any issues with holiday travels with a bail bond company. The company has a lot of experience dealing with travel restrictions. In some cases, your plans may have to change. You do not want to travel at a time near any of your court dates so you do not risk missing them. While you may still celebrate the holidays, the celebration may have to be done locally as opposed to traveling somewhere else.

The holidays only add more complications to your schedule, so get the all the guidance you can with us at  All Star Bail Bonds We will help you post bail and answer any questions you have related to your release and the busy holiday season.

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