A Guide to Juvenile Arrests in Las Vegas

Arrests happen every day in the city of Las Vegas, and unfortunately, some of those arrests are actually for juveniles who broke the law. If you have a child who was arrested, the whole process can feel new and scary. The more information you learn about the process, the easier time you will have going through each step of the way.

Use this guide to learn more about juvenile arrests in the city of Las Vegas and what options you have as a parent or guardian.

What Happens When a Juvenile Is Arrested in Las Vegas?

When a juvenile is arrested in the city of Las Vegas, they are transported to the Clark County Juvenile Detention Center. Those under the age of 18 are not brought to the regular jailhouses for adults. From there, the process begins as the child is charged with a crime and fully evaluated.

The detention center is located close to the city limits. It is a few miles outside the main strip of Las Vegas and just a few minutes of Downtown Las Vegas, better known as Fremont Street. If you are on vacation in Las Vegas when the juvenile is arrested, then the location is easy to find with a rental car or public transportation.

When you go to find the juvenile detention center, do not mix it up with the Las Vegas Detention Center. This center is for the general population and is located just a couple of blocks away from the juvenile.

How Is a Juvenile Released From Jail?

Once a juvenile is arrested, their release is based upon multiple conditions. The first is that only a parent or guardian can sign them out of jail. The parent or guardian takes full responsibility for the well-being of the child and their future court appearances. This means that a friend or other family member cannot simply sign the child out of jail.

When a parent does go to sign a child out of jail, the juvenile will first undergo a process known as “Risk Assessment Instrument.” A probation officer will fill out an assessment based upon the facts around the arrest. Sections within the assessment include the age of the child, the crime they committed, and whether this is their first arrest.

Each question in the RAI is scored. If the score is too high, then the juvenile is considered too at-risk to release, and release is denied until trial. In most cases, a juvenile will be released. Some of the exceptions include major crimes like sexual assault or if the juvenile has committed multiple crimes in the past.

With all juvenile cases, bail is not required for the child’s release. The assessment determines whether the person is released, and then a parent is held responsible for ensuring their child returns to court.

How Does a Bail Bonds Company Help When a Juvenile Is Arrested?

Even though juveniles do not have bail in the city of Las Vegas, the services of a bail bonds company are often helpful. The first reason is if an arrest warrant has been issued for the child. If a juvenile is charged with a crime but not arrested at the time of the crime, then bail bond companies will provide resources and guidance for parents.

Workers can look up arrest warrants and give you full details on the arrest warrants. Their experience can help you find out the best information and best times for a juvenile to turn themselves in, and they can explain what the process is like.

In some cases, a juvenile could be arrested in Las Vegas and have warrants out in other states or counties. Once again, a bail bond company will look up those warrants and explain the extradition process. Even though Las Vegas does not have bail for juveniles, other states and areas might, so communication with a bail bond company is helpful.

Bail bond companies typically operate 24 hours a day, giving you up-to-date information and services as needed. If a child has been arrested and charged as an adult then you would have to contact bail bond services for helpful information.

When this occurs, the process is known as certification and split into mandatory certification or discretionary certification based on the crime. Typically, certification only occurs for major crimes like sexual assault, murder, or crimes that involve a firearm. You do not want a child to spend extra time in jail when bail bond companies provide options for a quicker release.

For more information on bail bonds and the arrest process in Las Vegas, contact us at All Star Bail Bonds. We are available through phone calls, email, or in-person visits to one of our many offices. We have locations available close to the Clark County Detention Center, and we will use all of our resources to provide you with information and help as needed.

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