A Guide to Casino Credits, Bonuses & Bail Payments

While on Vegas vacation, you may have had a family friend or loved one get arrested. The quickest way to help free the person from jail is through a bail bond payment. A bail bond fee in Las Vegas is 15% of the actual set bail, which could add up to a large sum depending on the crime. As you scramble money together to pay for bail, consider casino credits.

Casino money comes in many forms and you have multiple options to put some money together and cash in on winnings. Follow this guide to learn about casino credits and some of the surprising ways you may have extra money available from your Las Vegas vacation.

Casino Cash Out Slips

Back in the day, playing a slot machine meant you had to carry a bucket of coins around to hold all your winnings. Now, a lot of casinos rely on a paper print system. When you want to cash out of a slot machine, you hit the payout button and your total amount is printed on a slip.

The slip can be cashed at a cashier’s cage, a payout machine, or inserted into a different slot machine. As you go through your Las Vegas vacation, you may realize that you have cash-out slips you never converted to cash. Check wallets, purses, luggage, and all of your pockets. You can also contact the person who got arrested to see if they have any slips.

Along with slot machine slips, you could off sportsbook or keno slips. Those tickets are given as proof of a bet or wager. You may not know their value until you’ve cashed the slips in. You could have winning bets or hit on Keno numbers.

Keno games are played at many different casino locations. For example, many casino restaurants feature Keno betting slips and viewing boards to watch the numbers come in.

Casino Chips

Besides cash-out slips, another way casinos pay guests is with casino chips. Instead of tossing cash back and forth, casinos rely on chips for a majority of their table games. As you go from table to table, you may have pocketed some casino chips along the way. If you have any casino chips, you typically have two options for the chips.

The first is to return to the casino where the chips are from. Each casino has its own chip design and layout. You cannot go into other casinos and try to cash in your chips. If the casino is too far, you also have the option to cash in chips at pawn shops. Chances are, you will probably get a little less for the chip at a pawn shop than the face value amount.

In some cases, a pawn shop will use the chips for collateral and you could get them back once you pay back some of the money you received to help pay for the bail.

Hotel Deposits & Room Reservations

The Las Vegas hotel you stay at could provide multiple ways to give you extra cash. One of the main examples is a security deposit. If you paid a security deposit that was separate from the room fee, then you will get the deposit refunded after you leave the hotel. The deposit can provide you with a nice extra chunk of money to put towards the bail bond.

When a person is arrested, you may also have to cut your vacation short. Speak with hotel management about cutting days off your reservation and requesting a refund for any of the extra days you may have already paid for. Every little bit counts towards the bail bond amount you seek.

Casino Rewards Cards

Many casinos rely on rewards cards to track player activity and award them with bonuses and extras. The points you accumulate at casinos could be exchanged for several bonuses. Some casinos will also offer a cash bonus for points you’ve earned. Check the balance of all your casino rewards to see if you have any cash redemption options.

The casino rewards could also lead to other bonuses you may convert to cash. For example, you could use points to claim free show tickets and sell the tickets to make some extra cash. Check out full reward programs for more details and information.

Timeshare Presentations

Another way that casinos offer cash to guests is through a timeshare presentation. Casinos and resorts with timeshare options will often try to lure buyers in with a detailed timeshare presentation. The process includes watching a timeshare informational meeting and discussing timeshare options with sales agents.

The bonuses for attending a timeshare promotion vary, but some of them include checks or cash for guests who attend. A couple of hours of time will help you earn some extra cash without the risk of gambling or losing any more money.

Find out all of your payment options with our services at All Star Bail Bonds. We have served the Las Vegas area for over 20 years and have multiple locations to help you bail out family and loved ones.

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