Avoiding Jail in Las Vegas, NV

We’re in Vegas, baby. This is the place to let your hair down, get wild, and have some unbelievable nights. But law enforcement will cut your adventure short if they arrest you, so don’t put yourself in that situation.

Despite the carefree attitude of Sin City, there are still simple rules to keep everyone safe and happy. Before taking your next Vegas vacation, read through this list of don’ts. Once you know what not to do, you can plan the trip of your life while making sure that your exploits won’t land you in the big house.

What Not to Do on the Casino Floor

1.     Don’t cheat.

Even if you are just using your brain to count cards, the casino still has the right to withhold winnings and turn you away. Any private institution reserves the right to refuse business, so keep that in mind the next time you want to take the easy way in Black Jack.

Casinos will turn you away if you are under suspicion of shuffle tracking, ace tracking, or card counting. Any time a casino asks you to leave and you refuse, you are in danger of arrest for trespassing.

2.    Don’t cash a bad check.

Most casinos won’t even allow you to cash a check, money order, or cashier’s check anymore. But if you do try to cash a bad check, police will arrest you for fraud, if you’re lucky. Keep things cool by sticking with cash and established credit lines with casinos when you gamble.

3.    Don’t become intoxicated.

Even though drinks are often complimentary, be careful not to have one too many. Public intoxication is not technically illegal in Las Vegas; what is illegal is when that intoxication leads to disturbing the peace, disorderly conduct, or trespassing. All three of those charges will result in arrest, jail time, and an addition to your criminal record.

When there’s money in play, it’s best to stay alert anyway. Refrain from sleeping in public places, doing dangerous stunts, and being rude to dealers and the staff. Most casino properties have strict rules regarding customer behavior, including the use of obscene language. You know how you react when you’ve had too much alcohol, so drink responsibly.

4.    Don’t film or take pictures.

Most casino floors prohibit all photography. But if you just want a card table selfie, consider asking a member of the staff first before whipping out your camera phone. Laws on filming in casinos are stringent because many people have sued casinos for letting others expose behavior they’d rather keep private. The rule also cuts down on the potential for people to aid cheaters. If you want to stay out of
trouble, keep the camera off.

5.    Don’t forget your ID (and make sure you have a valid one).

If someone ask you to show ID, polite compliance is always the best way to go. Consider it a compliment! Make sure you always have your ID on your person at all times. The casino can ask people without a valid ID to leave without collecting any winnings.

6.    Don’t drink or gamble if you’re under 21.

If you are not yet 21, it is illegal for you to gamble or drink alcohol. Don’t risk it with a fake ID-casino workers are trained to recognize them, and you’ll have much more fun elsewhere. It is also illegal for parents and over-21-ers to bring minors onto the floor to “watch.” Even if minors win something, without a valid ID, they can’t legally recover their winnings.

The only time a person under 21 is allowed on the casino floor is if they are obviously in transit or asking their parent a quick question. Aiding minors in underage drinking and gambling has stringent consequences, so don’t risk it.

7.    Don’t use your cell phone in the sports books.

This law actually prevents messenger betting so that each bet is fair and uninflated. Refrain from cell phone usage here if you know what’s good for you.

8.    Don’t solicit a prostitute.

Despite Las Vegas’s reputation, the county it’s located in has outlawed prostitution. Still, prostitution is sometimes misleadingly marketed as dating services, massage parlors, and escorts or entertainers. Be careful to refrain from engaging in these activities (or paying for them) anywhere near the casino floor. Law enforcement is constantly on the alert for inexperienced tourists making such transactions, especially in public areas.

9.    Don’t buy, sell, use, or possess illegal drugs.

Vegas may be a place to get crazy, but you can forget about illegal drugs. Paris Hilton learned this lesson the hard way when she was arrested and charged with a class E felony for cocaine possession. They’re called “illegal” for a reason, so don’t consider bringing them. Vegas has some of the harshest drug use penalties in the U.S.

Stay safe and free of problems by following this simple list of tips. Let loose at your next casino visit by planning ahead to keep the trip free of detours.

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