5 Ways to Pay for Bail Through Big Box Stores

If a person you know has been arrested, one of the first concerns is covering their bail amount. You can save a lot of money by choosing a bail bond company to cover the costs of bail, but you still have a premium to cover the bond. In the city of Las Vegas and surrounding areas, the premium is set at 15%. So, if the bail is set at $10,000, you would pay $1,500.

Covering the cost of the bail bond can be done in numerous ways. If you live near a big box store like Walmart or Target, then you can take advantage of services to help get enough money to cover the bail bond. Learn about various services to help you send money, get money, or obtain cash to cover bail bond service fees.

1. Cashback Options

If you choose to pay with cash, then the last thing you want is extra charges and fees associated with ATM kiosks. When you shop at a big box store, the checkout process often includes a cashback option. The cashback you receive is often free of charge.

The stores may have limits on the cash back, but you can often get up to $100 with each purchase. The cashback will help you build up extra money to pay the bail bond. The cashback option is ideal if you need just a little extra to help pay the bail bond or the cost is low enough to cover through a cashback option.

2. Prepaid Debit Cards

In some cases, you may not want to link your debit card to bail bond payments or do not have a bank account with a debit card to pay the bail bond. If you live far away from the Las Vegas area, sending cash may not be a viable option. Many of the big box stores sell prepaid debit cards.

You can load money onto the card and pay an activation price to purchase the card. With the purchase, you can add the exact amount of the bail bond. Before the purchase, contact a bail bond company to confirm the exact amount. From there, you can supply the prepaid debit card and pay for the bail bond right over the phone.

Prepaid debit cards are activated instantly so you will not have a delay when you want to bail out a loved one from jail.

3. Money Wires

Many big box stores offer money wire services. You can pay cash to purchase a money wire and send the money directly to the bail bond company. A bail bond company will provide you with their money wire information through various services like Money Gram or Western Union.

The secure way of sending money keeps any links away from your bank account or personal information. Check the store hours to see what times you can send money wires. Even if a big box store is open 24 hours a day, the money wire service may not be available.

A bail bond company will keep an eye out for the money wire and initiate the bail bond as soon as the payment is received.

4. Credit Card Options

Store credit cards are common for big franchises like Walmart and Target. Not only can you use the credit cards at their stores, but many of the credit cards are also accepted at any location. You can apply and open a store credit card right inside the store. If you do not receive a physical card right away, you may still receive temporary numbers to use on purchases.

The balance you have depends on how much you’re approved for. If you get approved enough to cover the bail bond, you can use the credit card to cover the bail. Some credit cards will include special promotions. Some cards will feature interest-free payments for a set amount of time. Take your time to save money and pay off the card without interest.

5. Coin Collecting Options

As you try to figure out your payment options for a bail bond, you may try everything to gather money together. While you cannot exactly show up with a bag of change, you could visit coin collecting kiosks at big box stores. Cash in your coins for cash and use the extra money to help pay off a bail bond.

Some coin collecting kiosks may offer prepaid cards while others just turn into cash right inside the store. If you’re in a pinch for money and want to post bail quickly, then a kiosk may be the best option.

For more information on bail bond payments, contact us at All Star Bail Bonds. We have been serving the Las Vegas area for several years and can work with you on several forms of payment options. Our goal is to help your loved one get out of jail quickly and without any delays.

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