5 Reasons to Call a Bail Bond Company Before Your Lawyer

When getting arrested, a lot will go through a person’s mind. One of your first options behind bars is to make a phone call. Naturally, you may want to call a lawyer to see what your options are, but another priority is to get out of jail as soon as possible. This is why, if you’re ever in this situation, you should call a bail bond company first.

Learn about the benefits of contacting a bail bond company first and ways to move the process along faster.

1. 24/7 Access

Getting arrested can occur at any time of the day. Unfortunately, a lawyer may not be available during certain hours. Instead of leaving a voicemail, you have the opportunity to get the process started on your own. A bail bond company knows that people are tossed into jail all hours of the night. This is why a majority of companies never close.

Courts will often have bail bond windows open 24 hours a day as well, giving bail bond companies more of an incentive to stay open and get clients released quickly.

The 24-hour access means you will get to talk to a person and discuss your case. You will receive information and a bail bond worker can answer any questions you may have. You can still make contact with a lawyer later on, but finding a connection on the other side of the phone will make a big difference.

2. Outside Contact Options

When you do make contact with a bail bond company, you have the opportunity to connect with other outside contacts to help cover the costs of your bail bond and co-sign the release. Give a bail bond company the proper contact information for a family member or loved one. As soon as your conversation ends, the company can reach out to them.

With the outside contact from the bail bond company, you do not need to wait longer and the person will have direct contact with the bail bond company as opposed to going through a lawyer and delaying the process further. You also do not need to make extra collect calls when a bail bond company makes the calls for you.

3. Get The Process Started

A lawyer has their own schedule to deal with when you’re arrested, including court dates and pleas. Before all of your court procedures, one of the main goals is to spend as little time as possible inside a jail cell. A bail bond company can get the process started as soon as possible.

They have the paperwork ready, can file documents with the court, and set up everything before your charges are fully filed. If you have a warrant out for your arrest, then you also have the opportunity to make arrangements with a bail bond company before you hand yourself in. If everything is set up and taken care of, then you may not even step into a jail cell.

A lawyer can provide guidance once you start the process, but getting in contact early will help prevent any delays. For example, you may need to set up specific forms of payment or use collateral to help cover your bail bond.

4. Bail Bond Locations

Not only will you make contact and arrangements with a bail bond company faster, but you have the option to have a worker come visit you at the jail. A bail bond business is typically located right near some of the more common city jails. With quick access, a bail bond worker can come right away to fill out paperwork and answer any questions you have.

You never know a lawyer’s location or their availability. If a lawyer is tied up in another legal matter, there could be a delay in your visit. Keep your visit open to a bail bond company. A bail bond company may not have official answers about your case like a lawyer would, but they do have a lot of experience and could give you their opinion on the matter.

5. Set Fees

When you hire a defense attorney, the lawyer may charge by the hour or require a large retainer to get started. Instead of blowing through all of the money right away, consider the services of a bail bond company. The company can only charge you a set among of your bail. The amount varies, but in the city of Las Vegas, the amount is 15 percent.

This means that you will not have to pay more or less of the percentage fee. You can budget a lot easier with a bail bond company and understand what you can afford to get out of jail in a timely manner.

For more information on our bail bond services, contact us at All Star Bail Bonds. We have multiple locations in the Las Vegas area and are here to serve you all your bail bond needs whether you’re the one who has been arrested or someone you know is behind bars.

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