5 Little-Known Ways to Save Money on Bail Bonds

When bail is set for someone in a Las Vegas jail, you cannot negotiate the price or change the bail bond fee you have to pay. Even with the set amounts, you can still find ways to save money and help pay off the bail so a loved one can get out of jail. With some clever tricks and planning, be prepared to pay for the bail bond and save some money along the way.
Learn about ways to cut off extra costs on the bail bond in Las Vegas and help a person get released from jail without emptying out your purse or wallet.

1. Remote Bail Bond Process
Thanks to a lot of advancements in technology, the way you apply for a bail bond is completely different from the past. You no longer need to travel to complete the bail bond and can do everything remotely. If a loved one is arrested in Las Vegas, you could accumulate a lot of extra costs through flights, driving, and booking a hotel.
Even if you live in the city, you can save on gas or public transportation by completing everything remotely. Through phone and email, you will receive the forms and the complete instructions on how to fill everything out. You can fax or email the forms right back to the bail bond company and have a way to help cut your overall costs for posting bail.
Bail bond workers are used to the remote process and can guide you through any questions or concerns you have. Payments are accepted securely over the phone and you can receive receipts directly through email or through standard mail.

2. Cash-Back Debit Cards
When you pay for a bail bond, you have a lot of payment options. While cash or checks may provide easy options, you can save money directly with a cash-back debit card. If you already have a cash-back debit card, then consider using the card for the bail so you can receive a specific percentage right back into your account.
For example, if you have a 2% cash-back option and you have to pay a $700 bail bond fee, then you will receive $14 cashback. It may not seem like a lot based on the full amount, but every little bit matters and will add-up over time.
Some banks and debit cards will offer special bonus days or deals. Look into all of the options before you make your final selection so you can save the most money.

3. New Card Statement Credit
If you need to open a new credit card to help pay the bail bond, then look into cards that feature statement credits. Many credit card companies will offer a special statement credit for anyone who spends a specific amount within the first billing cycle of a new card. The credit could be a set amount like $100 or a percentage of the purchases.
If you plan out correctly and find an ideal promotion, then you can find the biggest savings towards the bail bond. Some credit card companies also offer referral credits. If someone else opens a credit card using your referral, then you may receive a credit amount to your statement.
The referral credits can stack with the other savings as well. For example, you could receive a $100 statement credit and a $100 referral bonus to save $200 towards the bail bond. Finding the right card will help ensure that you save the most.
You should use a free credit service beforehand to see your score and ensure you will qualify to open a new credit card account.

4. Pawn Shop Options
Another way to save money is through one of the many pawn shops found in Las Vegas. With quick cash options, you can sell items and help build up towards the bail bond amount rather than take money out of your own pocket.
Jewelry is always one of the top-selling items from a pawn shop. You can sell gold and diamonds for good prices. Go through old jewelry and pieces you no longer wear anymore. Gather as much as you can. If possible, you can even compare prices between a few pawn shops to get the most value for your items.

5. 24-Hour Access
One of the more convenient parts of a bail bond business is their 24-hour access. With the unlimited access, you can save money if you plan to travel and help your loved one get out in person. For example, if you travel through Las Vegas after midnight, you will deal with far less traffic and save on both gas money and time.
If your loved one was arrested during a holiday, then you can wait until a cheap flight opens up or take a cheaper red eye and still go visit the pawn shop as soon as you land. Being flexible with your travel arrangements will help save money and still allow you to process the bail bond quickly.
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