4 Ways a Lawyer Can Help With the Bail Bond Process

When a person has been arrested, you have a lot of calls to make to start the process of getting the person released from jail. Two of the most important calls are most likely to a lawyer and a bail bond company. The importance goes hand in hand in helping the person get released from jail.

A lawyer will help you through many steps of the process and can ensure everything goes smoothly. Learn about the ways a lawyer will help with bail bonds and expedite the process to release your loved one from jail.

1. Setting Bail

The bail amount in states like Las Vegas is not set by the judge but is based on the charges related to the crime. One of the only ways a judge may not set the bail or change the amount is due to a possible flight risk for the person who has been arrested. To help ensure a flight risk is not considered, hire a lawyer to showcase your commitment to the judicial process.

A judge will see that you have paid money for a private lawyer and just the hiring alone will help get a bail set in the case. The lawyer can also speak on the person’s behalf in the bail hearing, giving testimony and reasons to set a bail rather than have a person stay in jail. Factors may include the job or career a person has or family at home the person needs to take care of.

Once the bail is set, a lawyer will move on to help with the bail bond process so the person gets released from jail quickly.

2. Finding Reputable Bail Bond Companies

As you seek out a bail bond company, you may find yourself lost and unsure exactly what to look for. This is where a lawyer comes in. A lawyer will know the most reputable bail bond companies in the area and help you find one to fit your needs.

Lawyers know the rules and guidelines bail bond companies need to follow and have likely worked with several of the companies in the past. Trust the lawyer and follow their advice. With the quick advice, you do not waste time looking around and inquiring about specific details. A lawyer will provide quick details and a no-nonsense recommendation.

3. Filling Out Bail Bond Paperwork

One of the biggest delays in the bail bond process is filling out paperwork. If you forget sections or put the wrong information, you could end up delaying the release time for the person in jail. A lawyer can help guide you through the paperwork or even fill out sections for you as needed. Lawyers are used to the paperwork all the time and will double-check all the details.

Lawyers can also help get the paperwork back to a bail bond company. Email, scanning, and fax services will help reach the bail bond company quickly. A lawyer may even go to the bail bond company in person. Once the bail bond company processes the paperwork and issues the bond, a lawyer will help with the court side of things.

If there is a snag or delay, a lawyer will find out information and do everything they can to speed up the process and get the person bailed out. A lawyer’s presence alone means the person has proper representation and will help the cause. A lawyer will also have the ability to speak the person and explain the process in detail.

With the information, a person will be less stressed and can have a clear understanding of when the bail bond process will go through.

4. Receiving Financial Advice

A bail bond includes a lot of financial responsibility and also helps reduce the overall cost of the bail. In Las Vegas, the law states that bail bond agents collect 15 percent of the bail bond as their fee for posting bail. So, if the bail is set at $20,000, then the bail bond would cost $3,000. The fee is non-negotiable and part of the reason a lawyer will guide you to a legit company.

A lawyer will help provide advice on payment options for the bail. For example, if collateral options are present, a lawyer will explain what types of assets count as collateral and what the collateral means if a person skips out on the bail and does not show up for their court hearings.

A lawyer can also give advice for other forms payment, including credit cards and cash payment. If you do pay in cash, a lawyer will help obtain receipts and evidence of your payment for safe-keeping. The lawyer will answer any questions you may have and help move the payment process forward to avoid any major delays with the bail bond process.

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