4 Extra Costs Las Vegas Tourists Could Face If Not Bailed Out Quickly

The cost of a bail bond in the city of Las Vegas is typically 15 percent of the total bail amount. If you have a friend or loved one who has been arrested while traveling to Vegas, you may feel hesitant to pay the bail bond fee. However, in many cases, the longer a tourist sits in a Las Vegas jail cell, the more costs they can accrue.

Learn why paying the bail bond fee is the best way to save money and the various costs that may add up if the fee is not properly paid. With bail bond companies, a person has the chance to get out of jail quickly and tidy up any extra costs associated with their time in jail.

1. Improper Checkout Fees

A person who visits Las Vegas will likely stay at one of the hotels on the property. If the person is stuck in a jail cell when they are supposed to check out of the hotel, then they could face a number of different fees associated with the improper checkout. Some hotels may keep a deposit a person placed when they booked the room.

Other hotels may charge a credit card that was left on file when they checked in or booked a room. If a hotel cleans out the room, then the person’s luggage could be held and the person could get charged for baggage-holding fees. Every hotel in Las Vegas has different guidelines and charges.

Even if someone contacts the hotel, a jailed individual could face extra charges like early checkout fees or late cancellation fees. Releasing a person on bail allows them to go check out properly and avoid any of the hassles associated with their reservation. In some cases, a person may have extra time left in their reservation to enjoy the rest of their trip.

2. Car Rental Extra Day Fees

Car rentals are common in the city of Las Vegas and provide tourists with an easy way to explore the city and check out popular attractions. A car rental comes with a set amount of time and a tourist who has been arrested may find themselves paying an additional fee for each extra day of use.

Car rental companies may charge hourly for late drop-offs or by the whole day. The charges are typically more than you would pay in regular fees and the costs can quickly add up. Once a person gets bailed out of jail, they can quickly return to their vehicle and ensure the rental goes back on time.

Some bail bond companies will supply transport vehicles and give the person a ride to a nearby location. In some cases, a person can get dropped off near the place where the rental car is located.

3. Airport Ticket Loss or Change Fees

Another big charge a person in jail may endure is at the airport. If someone traveled to the city of Las Vegas by plane, then they likely have a flight scheduled back home. The ticket and airline a person purchased from will have a big impact on their financial outcome. Some tickets are non-refundable.

If a person is not bailed out and they miss their flight, then they could lose hundreds of dollars. Other tickets may include change fees if a person has to change flights. If new tickets are needed, then a person may have to pay all new prices and may not get the best deal with a last-minute flight.

Bail bond companies in Las Vegas have to deal with a lot of tourists and understand the high costs of travel. With offices open 24 hours a day, you can ensure someone gets released on bail quickly and can still make their flight.

4. Loss of Employment

If a person’s arrests cause them to go past vacation time, then they may not make it out of the city and back to their normal routine. A big part of this routine is a place of employment. A person in jail may be forced to call out of work, miss time, and face the possibility of termination if they do not come back within a reasonable amount of time.

Even just missing a few days has high costs, but someone may miss out on a lot of money if they lose their job altogether. This could be the biggest cost of all as a loss of income adds up over time.

Plus, if you pay the bail bond and allow the person to get back to work, then they can earn money to help pay you back for the bail bond costs.

For more information on bail bonds, give All Star Bail Bonds a call or visit our website. We are open every day of the year and someone is always there to answer your call. We have locations all throughout the Las Vegas area and close to the city jails for easy access.

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