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4 Bail Bond Tips for Anyone Arrested on a Las Vegas Vacation

A Las Vegas vacation includes a wide range of fun activities, exciting moments, and ways to enjoy all of the nightlife attractions. Unfortunately, some Las Vegas tourists let their partying get a little out of control and laws could get broken in the process.

If you or a travel partner find yourself arrested while on a Las Vegas vacation, seek a bail bond as soon as possible. Bail bond services provide some of the quickest ways to release someone from jail and will help secure someone’s release without any major issues.

As you seek bail bond services while on a Las Vegas vacation, follow these tips to help salvage the rest of a vacation and ensure you don’t run into any problems along the way.

1. Stick with Local Bail Bond Agents

When you’re vacationing in an unfamiliar city, you may want to seek the comfort and resources from back home. While the idea of a bail bond agent or lawyer from your hometown may seem ideal, that is not the best option. When a person gets arrested in Las Vegas, you want to work with an experienced local bail bond agents.

The bail bond agents in Las Vegas know the system, understand the laws, and can work quickly to process your release from jail. They know the best ways to look up inmates and can supply you with useful information.

Even if you’re back at home, you have the opportunity to contact a bail bond company and go over everything all over the phone. The bail bond companies usually have physical locations near jails and can help a person get released as soon as possible. Minimal time behind bars can make a big difference.

2. Visit the Bail Bond Office in Person

If you were on vacation with the person who got arrested, then you have the opportunity to go directly to the bail bond office.

When you visit the office in person, you can help expedite the paperwork process. If you made a mistake on your paperwork, you could do corrections right on the spot and ensure everything processes smoothly. A bail bond office in Las Vegas typically remains open 24 hours a day, so you do not have to wait or delay the process.

You could even wait at the office while a person gets released from there and a bail bond company could provide a direct ride from the jail and back to the office.

3. Don’t Extend Your Vacation

If someone gets arrested near the end of your vacation, you could find yourself on the cusp of missing flights or needed to extend your stay. When you pay a bail bond for an arrest, you already need to pay a 15% or $50 fee for the total cost of the bail — whichever is higher. Due to Las Vegas laws, this fee does not change and the price remains locked in.

With the cost already set in place, you should not extend your vacation any further. If you add days to your hotel room, you could find yourself paying premium prices for the extra rooms. You could also incur extra costs with changes in flights or extensions on rental car contracts.

If possible, try to keep your travel plans the way they are. This way, you can put all of your extra money towards the bail bond fee and do not need to increase the extra costs of your vacation. If you must travel back home before someone’s release from jail, then you can finish the bail bond process over the phone and through the transfer of electronic documents.

All this is, of course, assuming the conditions of bail do not require you to stay in the state until your court date. Carefully read over the bail documents and ask the bail bondsman if you have questions.

4. Find Out Court Dates & Make Arrangements

Chances are, the person who was arrested will likely receive their first court dates at the time of their release. Use these court dates to plan ahead of time and ensure the person makes their court dates. With the court dates set, you have the opportunity to shop for cheap flights and any other travel needs to help cut down on future costs.

With your travel plans, you can ensure the person arrives in the city with plenty of time before the court date and even travel with them to ensure the appearance goes smoothly. Continue this process until the case goes through the courts and resolution gets put forth. With planning ahead of time, you can avoid any bail bond issues or legal ramifications.

Call us or visit our offices directly at All Star Bail Bonds if your Las Vegas vacation has a gotten a little out of control. Our employees will help you with any questions you have and process the bail release quickly.

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