3 Ways to Bail Someone Out of Jail Across State Lines

While bailing someone out of jail is typically a relatively simple process, the process can become a bit more complicated when the person you bail out is in a jail in another state. Of course, you can travel to the state where your loved one is detained and work with a bail bond company located near the jail. However, you may not be ready to travel to another state immediately after a loved one calls you and informs you that they have been arrested.

Thankfully, many simpler, less time-consuming, and affordable ways are available to bail a loved one out of jail across state lines.

Learn about three ways you can bail someone out of jail after they have been arrested in a different state.

Bail by Phone

One relatively easy way to bail a loved one out of jail in another state is to post bail by phone. However, be aware that some states do not allow bail bond companies to offer bail-by-phone services, and some bail bond companies choose not to offer this service, even if it is legal in their state.

You begin the bail by phone process by making a phone call to a bail bond company that offers this service near the jail where your loved one is.

The bond agent will obtain as much information as they need from you to start the bond process over the phone, then have you email or fax copies of any personal documents they need. They will also send you copies of any paperwork they need you to sign by fax or email, then have you fax or email them back some bail bond companies also have electronic document signature’s available.

Documents often needed to obtain a bail bond can include:

  • Copy of your driver’s license
  • Proof of income
  • A second form of identification
  • A copy of your tax return
  • Proof of ownership of collateral, such as a property deed

Your bail bond agent may require additional documents to complete the bond process, especially if state law requires them.

You will then need to send your bail bond fee to the bail bond company. Most bail bond companies that offer bail by phone allow bond co-signers, also called indemnitors, to pay bond fees with a credit card over the phone or through a wire transfer. However, some bail bond companies will accept other forms of payment.

Post Bail Online

While many bail bonds companies will allow you to make bail bond premium payments online after you have entered into a bail bond payment arrangement, currently only two states allow a fully online bail bond process, including New York and California.

The process of securing a bail bond online is similar to securing one by phone, although instead of answering a bail bond agent’s questions over the phone, you simply submit the required information on the bail bond company website. Then, you can sign any contracts or forms that need signing with your electronic signature and fax or email copies of any required personal documents to the company.

Be aware that the online bail bond process can take a bit longer than the bail-by-phone process due to lack of instant communication between you and the bail bond company.

Have an In-State Agent Complete a Transfer Bond

If you want to visit a bail bond agent in person when posting a bond for a loved one, you can visit a bail bond agent in your home state. Have them work with an agent in the state where your loved one is to get a transfer bond. A transfer bond is similar to traditional bonds that bail someone out of jail, although transfer bonds are specifically for bond co-signers not in the same state where their loved ones are.

The process of obtaining a transfer bond starts with you visiting a bail bond agent in your home state. This agent will have you fill out all necessary paperwork, submit copies of any necessary documentation, and pay all bail bond fees in their office this process is through a surety bond company.

The agent in your home state will then contact an agent close to the jail where your loved one is to request that this agent work together with them to create a transfer bond. This agent is called the bond executing agent. The bond executing agent will then bail your loved one out of jail on behalf of you and your home bond agent.

After obtaining a transfer bond, you will only be financially liable to the bail company in your home state. While an additional fee can happen with obtaining a transfer bond called a transfer bond execution fee, this fee typically ranges from just $150 to $300, although it can vary by state.

If your loved one is currently in a Nevada jail, then contact All Star Bail Bonds to see if you qualify for our phone bailout process that will help you bail your loved one out of jail from the comfort of your home.

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