4 Ways to Speed Up the Bail Bond Process and Minimize Jail Time

When you get arrested, the last thing you want is to spend an extended amount of time in jail, especially if you have a bail set for your release. Find out ways to minimize the jail time, receive a bail bond, and enjoy your release.

Using one or more of the tips, you can avoid lengthy periods behind bars and enjoy your freedom as soon as possible.

  1. Hiring an Attorney

If you feel like you will need an attorney for the case, hire one right away. An attorney will help expedite the bail process, especially if they have bail bond experience. Some attorneys work exclusively with specific bail bond companies and will help you complete paperwork and set up payment methods quickly.

The use of an attorney also helps with your reputation with the bail bond company. A bail bond company knows you are serious about your charges and attending future court hearings if you have hired extra professional help.

An attorney will also represent you and get you out of any snags. For example, an attorney can fight for a lower bail or dispute various charges in the case. All of the elements will help you with the bail bond process and allow you to avoid jail time.

  1. Using Walk-Through Bail Bonds

In some cases, you have a warrant out for your arrest, but you have not been booked by the cops yet. Before you surrender to the warrant, work with a bail bond company and lawyer to set up a walk-through bail bond. The booking process usually entails no jail time as you already have everything in order to post the bail.

A bail bond company will look up your charges, the most likely bail amount based off those charges, and ensure everything is in order. The bail bond company will also travel with you to the jail as you surrender your warrant. The process allows you to go through the booking process and immediately leave with your bail covered.

Delays may occur if you have any conditions set on the bail. For example, you could have a condition to remain confined to your home or a condition to temporarily surrender any firearms you own. The delays will not mean you have to spend time in jail, but may need to see a judge to hear about the conditions of the case.

  1. Exploring Your Payment Options

To help speed up the process, consider the source of your bail bond payment. For example, if you write a money order, the process time could delay the bail bond. If you are trying to gather cash, you would need someone to bring the cash to the bail bond company.

The quickest forms of payment include credit cards and debit cards. Often, the payments are accepted over the phone so you do not need to wait for someone to drive to the bail bond company and take care of the process. With the instant payment, you paperwork will get filed quickly and you can avoid extra jail time in the process.

In some cases, you may apply for credit directly through the bail bond company. When you or a loved one applies for the credit, fax and email methods will help speed up the process and the approval time.

  1. Getting Instant Contact

As you seek out bail, the bail bond companies provides a 24-hour service. You do not have to wait until the next business day or when the weekend passes by. Within minutes of an arrest, a loved one may contact a bail bond company. The company has the resources to contact jails, find out about arrest information, and begin the bail bond process.

With the 24-hour contact, you do not need to worry about delays and can complete paperwork long before the courts open up for business. The 24-hour process also applies to holidays. As you seek out a quick release from jail, the last thing you want to stress about is missing out on key holidays like Christmas and the Fourth of July.

Many of the bail bond businesses are located next to courthouses and jails to provide easy access as well. For example, a city like Las Vegas has a ton of traffic, but with the bail bond company located within walking distance of a court, you do not need to worry about extra delays.

The in-person access from bail bond companies provides the extra service and speed you would not have if you or a loved one tried to handle the bail on your own. The 24-hour business also provides answers to any questions or concerns you may have as you go through the bail bond process.

For more information on bail bonds, contact our experienced team at All Star Bail Bonds. We have processed hundreds of bail bonds and have expert knowledge on the Las Vegas bail bond system.

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